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Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg
Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg
Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg
Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg
Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg

Vivarini - Noci del Brasile 1 kg

  • Brazil nuts, also known as "Brazilian gold", are one of the most prized nuts in the world. Their delicate texture and aromatic, buttery character will literally seduce your taste buds!
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Brazil nuts, also known as "Brazilian gold", are one of the most highly prized nuts in the world. They owe their immense popularity to their excellent taste and nutritional qualities. Their delicate texture and aromatic, buttery character will lierally seduce your taste buds!

Additional information:

Ingredients: 100% Brazil nuts

Net weight: 1000g

Produced for: Venusti Sp. z o.o.

Country of origin: Bolivia

Best before: expiry date and batch number on the package

Brazil nuts - how and with what to eat?

The delicious, creamy taste of Brazil nuts makes them ideal for direct consumption as a healthy snack. At the same time, they exhibit a number of interesting culinary applications. They will be a great addition to breakfasts, such as oatmeal or muesli. They taste great in cakes and pastries, and even in salads (both sweet and savoury) or main dishes. Blended, on the other hand, they take on the texture of a fine cream, ideal for desserts and sandwiches. As you can see, there are many ways to use them in the kitchen. Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the valuable properties of Brazil nuts without any restrictions!

Nutrition facts per 100g:

Energy: 2894kJ/689kcal;
of which: saturates:
of which sugars:
Protein: 14.3g;
Salt: 0.01g.

Why you should choose Vivarini?

  • Vivarini meets the expectations of consumers - even the most picky ones - who want excellent taste in the products they choose, with attention to high quality, proven origin and the highest ethical production standards.
  • Vivarini is committed to the shortest possible routes for transporting goods. This minimises the carbon footprint, in effect making Vivarini products even more environmentally friendly.
  • Vivarini is a brand that only works with reliable and trustworthy growers who are able to meet a set of rigorous standards.
  • Vivarini products have been certified to meet food safety requirements and guarantee their natural origin (no GMO!).
  • You will receive each of the products you order in sealed, food-grade packaging that perfectly protects the contents from weathering and losing their precious qualities.
Codice produttore
Codice produttore
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Conservare in un luogo asciutto e fresco.
Informazioni aggiuntive
Il prodotto può contenere arachidi, frutta a guscio, cereali contenenti glutine.
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