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Bombilla is a special filtering tube equipped with a strainer that separates the yerba mate grounds from the infusion. It is placed in a gourd filled with yerba - it is best to do it before adding the water. To avoid clogging your bombilla, we also recommend that you do not shake the gourd while drinking. The most popular bombilla models are made of stainless steel or alpaca, a high-quality metal alloy known as "new silver". Most of them are equipped with a spoon filter that enables comfortable drinking of most types of mate tea. However, if you prefer yerba mate with a very fine structure, you’ll need a special, thoroughly filtering bombilla, for example the "Bomba" model. Regardless of which bombilla you choose, if you take care of it properly, it will certainly serve you for many years.

Bombilla for yerba mate - is it an indispensable accessory?

Many of you are wondering how to start an adventure with mate tea. Nothing unusual. Naturally energizing infusion is an increasingly popular alternative to coffee. What’s needed to drink yerba mate? With such a wide selection of the best yerba mate and accessories in front of them, beginners can get a bit confused. In fact, it's really that simple! You do not need professional knowledge of the subject to enjoy energizing infusions of Paraguayan holly. Is a bombilla an essential yerba mate accessory? It is certainly the most important. It lets you separate the infusion from the dregs, allowing you to comfortably drink yerba mate. Alternatively, you can replace the bombilla with a French press brewer. However, we recommend this solution only in emergency situations. The pleasure of preparing yerba mate according to the traditional ritual is a one of a kind experience!

Yerba mate tea bombillas - which one to choose?

We will be delighted to introduce you to the richness of the world of yerba mate infusions. Which bombilla will be best for beginners and which for advanced? You can find answers to these questions on the website of our yerba mate store. Recently, yerba mate is a real hit among those who care about healthy lifestyle and diet. People with a bombilla and a mate gourd in their hands are more and more often noticed in public spaces. Our online yerba mate shop knows how to meet their needs. We offer the highest quality yerba mate straight from reputable South American producers. You will also find all of the essential accessories in ourn store. We have everything that even the most demanding yerba mate lover could wish for!

Where to buy yerba mate bombillas? Different models and their prices.

The yerba mate store boasts of a wide selection of bombillas. Beginners will surely appreciate the wooden and stainless steel bombillas equipped with a spoon or a spring filter. They are characterized by high quality and relatively low price. Among the top-of-the-range products, it is worth taking an interest in bombillas made from alpaca. It’s a high-class, corrosion-resistant metal alloy with high oxidation resistance. The store is a guarantee of a favorable price, professional service and excellent quality of the products sold. Our bombillas guarantee comfortable yerba mate drinking regardless of the circumstances. Not sure which one to choose? Want to know which bombilla is best for beginners? Or maybe you’re interested in several products and ondering what decision to make? No worries. the customer service of our yerba mate online store is at your disposal! Customer satisfaction is our mission. We will make every effort to ensure that the transaction is pure pleasure. Happy shopping at!